Target Groups

MCF in its endeavours targets a population of the less fortunate persons, who due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves in a state of disadvantage.

These groups include;

The Vulnerable Children

These are children aged below 18 years of age and are either or;

  1. Orphans
  2. Street Children.
  3. Destitute
  4. Abandoned children.
  5. Neglected children
  6. Children in conflict with the law
  7. Children of imprisoned parent (s)
  8. Child labourers
  9. Children who are in Commercial sex work
  10. Children forced into early marriage
  11. Child mothers
  12. Malnourished children
  13. Children of terminally ill parents or whose parents are living with disabilities
  14. Children living with disabilities

MCF reaches out to marginalized community members that are experiencing the worst manifestation of poverty resulting from forces of nature beyond their control. Such groups or individuals include but are not limited to;

  1. Widows and widowers
  2. The destitute grandparents and next of kins taking care of orphans
  3. Vulnerable youth
  4. Those suffering from a terminal illness or recurring illness
  5. Internally Displaced Populations
  6. Victims of drought, floods and famine.