Medical supplies kitty

The dispensaries at our residential facilities are open for use by the public. Contributions made to this kitty are utilized to stock medical supplies such as test kits and medicines. The cases that are mostly treated at these facilities include malaria, common cold, fungal and bacterial infections, cuts and bruises, typhoid among others.

Mercy Basket

The HIV/AIDs pandemic has swiped out the productive generation living the elderly to care for the young. With no source of income, these caregivers are not able to meet the needs of these children especially those infected. Through our Mercy Basket program, Mully Children’s Family lends a helping hand to these families by giving them food.

Medical Emergency Fund:

Our dispensary not only caters to the needs of our children and youth, it is also open to the public. They access free medical services. However, some cases are severe and critical thus call for emergency transfers to hospitals for further tests and treatments. This fund goes into covering for these unforeseen medical emergencies and referral cases.

  1. Fully equipped ambulance
  2. Medical bills
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  4. Paramedics