Community Outreach

Hot Lunch Initiative

Help a child reach for the stars in the midst of darkness through your contribution to the Hot Lunch Kitty.

Mully Children’s Family’s feeding program ensures that the vulnerable children in community schools get access to a hot lunch every day. This helps boost their energy levels for active learning as well as provide the nutrients for their growing bodies and minds. For many of these children, this is the only meal they get for the day.

Business start-up Kit

Your contribution will enable us to purchase items such as sewing machines, hairdryers, and knitting machine among others for young vulnerable girls and boys upon their graduation from MCF vocational and training centre to start a small business. This provides them with a livelihood that they can use to support their children.

Mercy Basket

The HIV/AIDs pandemic has swiped out the productive generation living the elderly to care for the young. With no source of income, these caregivers are not able to meet the needs of these children especially those infected. Through our Mercy Basket program, Mully Children’s Family lends a helping hand to these families by giving them food.

Medical Emergency Fund

Our dispensary not only caters to the needs of our children and youth, it is also open to the public. They access free medical services. However, some cases are severe and critical thus call for emergency transfers to hospitals for further tests and treatments. This fund goes into covering for these unforeseen medical emergencies and referral cases.

  1. Fully equipped ambulance
  2. Medical bills
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  4. Paramedics
Clean Water Fund:

Play a part in providing families with access to clean water through your contribution.

Water is life: Mully Children’s Family through this fund enables the community to have access to free, clean water for use. This helps prevent illnesses such as diarrhoea and cholera among other water-borne related illnesses.

Tree seedlings:

Your donation will go into purchasing and maintaining tree seedlings that are distributed and planted in the community to help mitigate climate change. Our adopt-a-tree campaign aims at educating community members and children on the importance of trees and nurturing in them a culture of planting and protecting trees with the aim of transforming our environment.

Light a home: this will cater to the needs of the community through the solar lighting kitty

Our projects are situated in low- income dwelling areas which are mostly located in hot- dry areas, through this initiative we set up solar lighting kitty for vulnerable families.  This creates a conducive environment for the family to live as well as for the children to study so as to change their family’s narrative in future.

Save the trees Initiative

The communities we work with often use firewood to cook as they are unable to afford gas or any other alternative sources of energy. This initiative aims to save our trees by reducing the amount of firewood used through providing energy saving jikos (kilns) to needy homesteads as well as local schools. Your donation will help conserve our environment for the generations to come. (photo)

Nurturing hands:

The roles in the family have greatly changed as many are breaking up. This initiative aims at giving support to marginalized families most of which are headed by the women. Through your contribution, we will be able to gift a needy family with an income generation kitty to support their families. Depending on the level of need, the project includes: Goats, sheep, cows, chicken and food crops.

Home Reconstruction

Proper shelter is considered a basic need. But when faced with difficult socio-economic situations, the little that is available goes towards food. Your gift will help restore dignity to an impoverished family by providing them with a safe place to call home. Beneficiaries of this project are mostly families that are victims of a disaster, live in abject poverty and/or aged with no social/family support system. (Photo)