Where We Work


Kenya has an impressive diverse culture of 43 ethnic group with 68 spoken languages. It is also known for its scenic landscapes and various wildlife species which attracts tourism from across the globe.

Kenya is a middle level income country with a population of 47.6 million. However, there are 9.5 million children under the age of 18 years experiencing poverty. Their well-being is particularly at risk as undernourishment and child mortality increases. A growing number of children live without parental care or are at the brink of losing it. Kenya also has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the entire world. As of 2015, 660,000 children were recorded to have been orphaned by AIDS.

Female-headed households and child-headed households are more likely to experience high levels of poverty. Young children are often obliged to work instead of being able to go to school, as they have to put food on the table for an entire family. Many of them are forced into exploitative child labour and eventually even commercial sex work.