Child Protection

Child Protection Fund

Lend a helping hand to protect at-risk and vulnerable children and youth. Your gift through our preventive and restorative programs will help protect children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

These programs include:

  • Educational support: Our beneficiaries access education from early childhood education to tertiary education based on their needs. Education is indisputably a major contributor to curbing the cycle of poverty as well as that of abuse.
  • Guidance and Counseling: Exposed to adverse experiences before their rescue our beneficiaries need psychosocial support to cope and rise above their past.
  • Healthcare: Physical wellness is very important.
  • Sensitization training: Apart from the care and protection of at-risk children and youth, we conduct sensitization training among different stakeholders including community members to educate and empower them.
  • Community partnerships: Unity is power; we, therefore, strive to cultivate working relationships with different agencies including government institutions for effective and efficient service delivery.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, our children are our greatest treasure, they are our future. Therefore, as a society, we owe it to ourselves to love them and keep them safe because they are a reflection of who we are.

Welcome home package:

Give a loving hand of hope to newly rescued children.

Most of our beneficiaries are rescued with nothing but the clothes on their back which are often tattered and dirty. The first step to their healing is restoring their dignity by giving them a welcome home package: something to call their own, something that shows them they are cared for and that someone values and sees them.

The welcome home package includes bedding, essential pieces of clothing, a towel, a pair of comfortable multi-purpose shoes, a bucket and personal hygiene supplies.

Hygiene kit:

Your gift will contribute towards the health and social wellness of our beneficiaries. Maintaining proper hygiene helps prevent illness and infection from bacteria and viruses. It will also help build confidence as well as positive self- image, which is half the battle during rehabilitation.

This kit is provided to each and every child at the beginning of every month. It includes soap, body oil, tissue papers, toothpaste and sanitary napkins for the girls.


Sleep is an important aspect of human life; it has many benefits that promote wellness. It is therefore very important for the children to have proper bedding which will enable them to rest peacefully. Well-rested children are more receptive to learning both in and out of class; they are also more pleasant in social interactions and have the energy to cultivate their talents/ gifts.

Your gift will help ensure that our beneficiaries have access to a warm, comfortable and accommodative place to rest at the end of every day. Items needed to provide this include: beds, blankets, bedsheets, mattresses, treated mosquito nets and mackintoshes for children who wet the bed.

Referral and Advocacy kitty:

At rescue, individual care plans are formulated. Our beneficiaries present varying needs which call for different intervention measures. Some of the specialized needs that require referral and advocacy include:

  • Medical needs, for example, some of our beneficiaries especially those who are victims of physical and sexual abuse, as well as tragedy often need to visit referral hospitals severally.
  • Psychosocial support, for example, some children especially those who were previously living on the streets may be addicted to drugs and other substances, most commonly in our case, drugs and they need referrals for specialized care.
  • Legal support, for example, some children especially those who are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation need assistance in ensuring the perpetrator is apprehended.
Contingency Fund.

Your contribution towards our contingency kitty will be greatly appreciated. Life is a roller coaster at times it is up and other times it is down. This fund helps us in the low moments by ensuring that even at difficult times such as during famine, floods, drought and political instability our quality of care is not compromised.

During such times we also use the said funds in reaching out to the affected community with support to minimize the influx of children and youth to our Child development and protection centres.

Child Sponsorship

Spread love by sponsoring a child through our programs. Our sponsorship program creates a platform for you to select a child you would want to support through his/her rehabilitative and developmental stages. Your contribution will go towards ensuring they access their needs as outlined in their individual care plans. Child- sponsor relationship is fostered through letter writing and exchange of photos or video.

Santa’s Basket

Give towards our Christmas celebrations and be our Santa.

Christmas is a time to be merry and celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Your gift will go towards purchasing food items, gifts, games, clothing and decorations for the celebrations. As we are called to share what we have with those without, our celebrations are usually open to the community. Gifts from the Santa basket also help us reach out to needy families and give them care packages during the holidays that they too may be able to celebrate.