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Child Sponsorship brings angels in the life of a needy child. If you sponsor a child, you can provide food and other life essentials to a child in need. You can give a child living in the streets or in a poor community hope for tomorrow. As a sponsor, you’ll help rescue a boy or girl from the enemies of childhood – hunger, disease and poverty and above all illiteracy. You’ll meet urgent physical needs and offer the chance for a brighter future. We do encourage interested sponsors to choose one of our children to pray daily for their continued growth and development

What children receive

  • Nutritious food: you give a child a hot meal at school plus provide nutritional support and education for their family.
  • Clean water: you give a child access to safe, clean water close to home.
  • Education and school supplies: you free a child to go to school and have hope for the future instead of work for food
  • Livelihoods: Through sponsorship, you help parents find new ways to support their families.
  • Medical care;

The Sponsor will receive a photo and regular updates about your child on regular basis.

We have 2000+ children in our care and our financial needs are great! When you sign up to become one of a sponsor at any giving level, you are helping Mully Children’s Family give a lifeline, hope and a future these children of God who are destined to become the next leaders in Kenya, Africa and the World.

You can choose to get involved in supporting a child in any one of the following sponsorship options;

  • Sponsor a child at $60 per month per child to food and other life essentials to a child in need.
  • Sponsor a High School Student for a Four year education program at $1000 per year.
  • Support MCF College Education Scholarship for a student for a Four year undergraduate course at $2000 per year for Arts and Social Sciences related courses; and $4500 per year for Medical, Engineering and Science related courses in universities in Kenya

Many of our children have suffered unimaginable pain and loss, are HIV positive, or have suffered abuse before coming to us. Therefore, for purposes of confidentiality as best practice and a desire to protect their privacy as part of our moral obligation, we do not share their stories publicly on our site. For more information about a particular child, email us at