Talent Development

Gifted Hands:

The gifted hands program helps cultivate different passions and capabilities in our beneficiaries. These talents include skills like drawing, painting, beadwork, and knitting among others. Your gift will provide the necessary resource such as yarn, canvas, beads, textile, paint, brushes, among others for these children to achieve their fullest potential.

Football Club

The Mully Children’s Family Football Club was founded to nurture the talent and passion of vulnerable children and youth in MCF and our communities. Since its promotion by Federation of Kenya Football (FKF) to play in National league in 2017, the club steadily progressed from 3rd Division to 1st Division as of 2020.  The club envision to play in the Kenya Premier league in the coming two seasons. Our beneficiaries have proven themselves in the midst of local soccer talent and it is our hope that your support will help them continue to shine even across borders. The needs of this club include:

  1. Training Kit
  2. Balls
  3. Team jerseys
  4. Goal post nets and goal keeper gloves
  5. Players upkeep allowances
  6. Annual registration fees and related Matches Fees
  7. Club Bus
  8. Club Medical kitty
  9. Gym equipment (Weights etc)
  10. Medical covers/Insurance fees
Karate Club

MCF Karate Club team members represent MCF and Kenya gloriously, bringing home various awards. As a restorative program, karate greatly helps to positively channel negative energy as well as instilling discipline among trainees. Some of our beneficiaries use karate as an outlet for the pain endured before rescue so that it is not bottled up inside. Your gift will help this magnificent youth to soar to higher heights even as their strength is restored from previous feeling of hopelessness. Their needs include:

  • Training kits (Gym equipment, Shoes, etc)
  • Uniform used for competitions known as Karategi
  • Tournament facilitation
  • Medical covers/Insurance fees
Acrobats Club

Agility, balance, flexibility and coordination are skills these young persons have perfected. They have a gift that should be shared with the world: a talent that they could use to lead dignified lives. Support nurture their gift and give them hope that hard work bears fruit.

The needs are among others;

  1. Training Kit
  2. Training fees
  3. Group attires and instruments
  4. Club Bus
  5. Club Medical kitty
  6. Gym equipment (Weights etc)
  7. Medical covers/Insurance fees
Gym equipment and supplies

As our beneficiaries continue to amaze us with their talents, it is our hope and prayer that we will be able to create a conducive environment to nurture them. Your contribution will help us purchase gym equipment and supplies that will enable our beneficiaries exercise. These equipment include treadmills, dumb bells, cross trainers among others.

Drama and Poetry

Support our eclectic drama club: a club that has given a voice to children/ youth who have been through difficult situations but conquered and lived to inspire as well as encourage others. This club helps develop language and communication skills as well as emotional intelligence in our beneficiaries. It also builds confidence and nurtures creativity. Your contribution will go towards acting and spoken word training, costumes, props and sound among others.


Give a gift of love to support our choir as they use their angelic voices to minister God’s Word. Music helps improve listening skills, relieve stress, and also enhance self- esteem. Through songs our beneficiaries actively take part in praises and worship. Your gift will help nurture the talents of our beneficiaries through voice training, choir uniforms as well as facilitation for outreach missions.


Dance is an art that helps children to enhance concentration and perception skills. We encourage children and youth who are gifted in dance to embrace it as it is an instrument of expression and communication which provides a platform for them to release the pain and hurt life may have caused them. Help nurture this talent through your contribution that will go towards dance training, costumes and facilitation outreach programs.