Schools and Training

Education for all and to all

MCF education programme is the key child development programme offered in restoring hope and nurturing talents. It is tailored to enable beneficiaries to access both basic and vocational education and training. It is holistically and inclusively organized to meet the educational needs of very young children, teenagers and young adults of varying degree of cognitive perception, potential and abilities.

The schools and colleges have enabled MCF to identify and nurture children talents that could have otherwise gone to waste.

MCF is committed to increasing the enrollment and retention of vulnerable girls and boys in pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education.   It provides free educational materials, supports community schools and partners with different stakeholders in ensuring that children access quality education.

  1. Kindergarten (ECDE Centres)
    1. MCF Ndalani
    2. MCF Yatta
    3. MCF Vipingo
    4. MCF Kipsongo
    5. MCF Lodwar
    6. MCF Malindi
    7. MCF Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  2. Primary School
    1. MCF Ndalani Primary
    2. MCF Vipingo Primary
    3. MCF Lodwar Primary
    4. MCF Kipsongo Primary
    5. MCF Mwanza (Tanzania)
  3. Secondary Schools.
    1. MCF Ndalani Secondary School
    2. MCF Yatta Secondary School
    3. Dr Charles Mulli Secondary School
    4. MCF Lodwar Secondary School
  4. Tertiary Education
    1. Mully College- Yatta
    2. MCF Yatta Vocational and Training Centre
    3. MCF Malindi Girls’ Vocational Training Centre
  5. Higher learning Sponsorship & Scholarship- MCF provides sponsorship and Scholarship to needy youths pursuing various courses leading to Certificate, Diploma and Degree certifications in institutions of higher learning. The scholarship covers education in either public or private local and international institutions of higher learning such as IU. MCF also collaborates with partners in ensuring that students get the best out of education.