My Journey Of Faith: An Encounter with Christ

“At six years old Charles Mulli woke up one morning to find he had been completely abandoned by both parents. All alone he fell into a life of abject poverty, forcing Mulli to wander from hut to hut begging for food for his very survival, unable even to attend school. …”As a teenager Mulli started a small taxi company which grew to be very successful. Eventually he expanded his business ventures to include real estate, insurance, and oil and gas distribution, becoming a highly successful businessman. But despite all his success, the growing struggle in his heart over the plight of thousands of Kenyan street children remained strong until one day he surrendered to the call of God on his life to sell everything he owned and begin rescuing street children from the slums of Kenya. His story is told here in My Journey of Faith from his own perspective, describing his incredible life of faith that is filled with love, miracles, and powerful answers to prayer, and demonstrates persuasively how a close walk with God is accessible to all of us even today. The reader will experience the amazing true stories of tragedy-turned-triumph where hopeless cases encounter the work of Charles Mulli’s and discover a new life they could not have imagined.

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