Mully Children's FamilyMCF

To complement routine formal education programme, MCF uses sports and cultural performances for talents development and as an important component in the rehabilitation and integration of rescued children. As an organization targeting children from diverse ethnic identities, we seek to enhance appreciation of different cultural backgrounds and traditions through training of children in traditional dances, songs/music, poems, acrobats, karate, theatre arts, arts and design, ball games, athletics and dramatized presentations that nurture acceptable values in society. The project also aims at strengthening national and international cultural exchange programmes. Some of the routine activities include;

  1. Annual facilitation of talent development through established children’s clubs and competitive sporting including ball games, music and dance. MCF Karate club are Kenya’s reigning national cadet championship and in 2014, MCF children represented Kenya in African Youth Championships in Botswana.
  2. Annually facilitate children participation in County and National Children’s Assemblies.
  3. We annually facilitate child rights and responsibilities awareness forums for children under MCF projects. Topical areas covered include: rights of children; responsible citizenry, sexuality and protection against abuse; and children and youth roles in environmental transformation etc

Promotion of children participation in the various sporting and cultural activities especially arts and music is enhancing MCF efforts in child care, rehabilitation and transformation in the following areas;

  1. Building self esteem and confidence among the destitute children under rehabilitation.
  2. Participation in creative arts including dance and music performances serves as therapy for children who have come from difficult and abusive backgrounds.
  3. Complementing formal education and general rehabilitation as co-curricular activities for physical and emotional health.
  4. Enabling targeted children to discover their career potentials in specific talents and opportunities to strengthen the same for future livelihood.
  5. Promotion of child participation in community education through arts and presentations on child rights, responsibilities and child protection at national and international forums.