It is a widely acknowledged that education is the key to success in life. It is through education that people get to pursue their career of choice so that they impact the lives of others; as well as earning income.

At the Mully Children’s Family (MCF), we are focused on rehabilitating street children and other vulnerable groups in the society. These children are taught to know God and worship Him. We do this because most of them come to us with little or no knowledge at all about God.

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Owing to the problems that most of them go through, they tend to have misgivings about the existence of God but we insist on showing them that God is real and He cares for them. We guide them to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. We also teach our children important virtues such as love, honesty, humility, righteousness, perseverance, hard work, among other things. Most importantly, we endeavor to show them love.

Most of them were once abandoned in the streets, left for dead, rejected and even abused, but we endeavor to make them feel part of a loving family where people care for each other. This is aimed at making them to lead lives that conform to the accepted norms in the society. Besides all these forms of rehabilitation, we give formal education the greatest priority. MCF has both the primary and secondary school wings where children undertake normal education like others out there.

We work closely with the ministry of Education to ensure our curriculum is in tandem with other schools across the country. At the end of it all, our children sit for the same KCPE and KCSE examinations with the rest of Kenyans. After high, those who pass to join higher institutions of learning are sponsored to proceed on. For the last 26 years, we have been able to produce medical doctors, teachers, media professionals, accountants, managers, ministers of the gospel, etc.

Those who do not get the required grades for Diploma and Degree training are taken to vocational school where we equip them with skills such as tailoring, cookery, hair-dressing, carpentry, masonry, among other things. This enables them to still use their skills to earn a living. The MCF children, through our guidance, have accepted to take life as it comes and are only focused on creating a better future for themselves. This is a result of constantly encouraging them to forget the past and walk with Jesus Christ into the future.

We usually tell them that if they focus a lot on their past misfortunes, they will only end up pitying themselves and eventually miss to see the good things that God has planned for them. We tell them that when you focus on the past, you fail to notice the good things that the future is holding out for you.

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