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Grace Cheech A Diamond From The Rough

February 07 2012

“I want to thank Daddy Mulli and Mum for saving my life, becoming true parents to me and restoring back the hope that had gone…. If it were not for MCF maybe I could be dead or suffering from HIV/AIDS or even could have had children by now due to street life….. I am now a strong young woman in a prestigious university and aware of what I want to be in life.” Grace said during an interview at Kabarak University in October 2011.

Her story begins in early 1999 when Dr.Mulli set out into Kitale streets for a routine outreach. A little girl of about 7 years of age is spotted among hardcore street girls during these activities.  Some of these hardcore street girls are child-mothers and appear to be very protective of the small girl whom we later learn has been baby-sitting their babies in the street corners as they go looking for daily means of survival.


The little girl is Grace Cheech from Kapenguria –who ran away from home with her elder brother 3 years earlier because of lack of food and other basic needs.

“I thought life would be better in the streets but it was harder. I used to get my food from garbage bins and sometimes the big street boys and girls would grab the little left-over food I got. I lived in fear sleeping on verandahs and sniffing glue to withstand the cold and related threats to my life. I suffered a lot as a small girl because we were constantly hunted by the bigger boys and had to hide all the time.”

That day, Cheech and 5 other girls were rescued. Later, MCF came to learn that Cheech was actually 11 years old, but because of lack of proper nutrition and other basic amenities, her growth was stunted. The new environment at MCF posed a challenge and she attempted to escape several times to go back to the streets, seeking the false sense of comfort that it seemed to offer.

She had never gone to school and introducing her to Class One with much younger children was a challenge.  She joined Special Class 3 at MCF Primary School in 1999 and through special teaching; she successfully completed Class 8 with an above average score in the year 2004. She joined the MCF Missions Team and trained in song, dance and martial arts which built her self-esteem and gave her a sense of belonging within the family besides enabling her to travel to Europe, North America and the East African countries to represent MCF in international youth exchange programmes. She completed her high school education through MCF High School attaining the required university entry grade in 2008.  Cheech is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at Kabarak University

Mully Children’s Family has given Grace Cheech and other more than 7000 children a second chance to experience life in fullness by restoring hope and giving each one a reason and an opportunity to live again and become a highlight as the MCF’s January child of the month!


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