Mully Children's FamilyMCF

In order to sustain its operations, MCF is implementing a number of income generation activities for sustainability and supplementing daily feeding needs for children. The principles of social entrepreneurship have been integrated in MCF programs through initiating business ventures through agriculture for profit to support the most vulnerable children and families in society. These projects include; General Agriculture for food production, Horticulture for export and local market, Poultry Faming, Fish farming and MCF Ndalani Dairy Farm. The main produce from the farms include; French beans, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, egg-plants, eggs, fish, broilers, meat among other products for domestic consumption as well as sale for income generation in local market and international market. Due to the location of MCF Yatta and MCF Ndalani in an arid region of Kenya, MCF has established water harvesting and conservation earth dams, storage tanks, piping and pumping systems to sustain farming projects.

Horticulture; The horticulture farming projects are currently being practiced in MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta farms through irrigation in open farms and crop protection green-houses. MCF farms are Global Gap and Euro-Gap Certified and has sustained good agricultural practices hence authorized to export it produce to the international market. French-beans or green beans, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, cabbages, butter-nuts among other fresh vegetables are produced in MCF farms.

The MCF Dairy Farm is also being established in Ndalani with a capacity of 50 cows. It is anticipated to boost feeding of babies and children by supplementing nutritional needs of children through constant supply of milk and production of milk products for income generation in the near future. Current production level of milk has promoted quality supplementary feeding of babies and children rescued with their child-mothers within MCF centres in Ndalani and Yatta. Furthermore, the Dairy project has also enhanced the production of organic manure and biogas. The project has promoted the development of renewable energy through the construction of one a biogas digester for production of biogas for cooking purposes.

To meet the needs of all children for milk, MCF proposes to establish MCF Yatta Dairy Farm with a capacity of 100 dairy cows for increased production.

The Poultry Farm project has also been established at MCF Ndalani for production of broilers and layers for eggs for sale and to supplement feeding of children in MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta. A poultry slaughter-house, cold room and pack-room have also been developed to add value to poultry produce before dispatch to market.

Fish Farming; MCF Yatta Fish farm is also being developed with a capacity of 12,000 fingerlings when fully operational. The fish produce is mainly harvested for local markets.

These integrated farming projects also serves as a learning centre for children and students in MCF Schools and other public schools visiting regularly for practical lessons.