Mully Children's FamilyMCF

The Mully Children’s Family Medical Centres in MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta offers primary healthcare services to all children and staff living and working in the two project locations as well as all members of the community in MCF neighborhoods. MCF medical centres seek to work in liaison with other health institutions and health care providers in Kenya and abroad with the main aim of referral, as well as specialized care. It also provides preventive healthcare services through education, testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis among other tropical diseases.

MCF Ndalani Medical Centre also has 2-chair Dental Suite used annually for visiting/volunteer dentists from Europe who offer valuable service to children and members of the community. MCF healthcare services reaches approximately 18,000 very poor patients annually. No charges are levied on the patients as all of them benefit from 100% MCF sponsorship and support. MCF seeks to expand the medical centre with a maternity, x-ray wings and a customized ambulance vehicle for emergency referrals.