Mully Children's FamilyMCF

MCF education programme is the key rehabilitative programme employed by MCF in rehabilitating, restoring hope and nurturing talents. The programme covers from kindergarten to college education of beneficiairies. The programme is tailored to enabling beneficiaries access both basic and highest education possible. It is holistically and inclusively organized to meet the educational needs of very young children, teenagers and young adults of varying degree of cognitive perception, potential and abilities.

MCF education department has stood out as a pillar as of success among those who went through the system. From 1996 when MCF ran Primary School pioneer grade 8 candidates sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, they excelled in the region and nation. The same group as pioneer grade 12 candidates sitting for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in the year 2000 was position One in Machakos County with same feat of success and went ahead to join prestigious colleges and Universities. In essence MCF own ran schools have continued to offer competitive opportunities in which beneficiaries are able to explore their potential and nurture their talents. All children rescued by MCF access education free of charge in all MCF Schools. MCF seeks to sustain providing scholastic materials, teachers and all physical infrastructures to support the programmes.

The MCF education programme comprises the following sub-sections namely;

  1. Five Kindergartens managed by MCF in MCF Ndalani, MCF Yatta, MCF Vipingo, MCF Lodwar and MCF Kipsongo
  2. Three Primary Schools managed by MCF in MCF Ndalani, MCF Vipingo and MCF Lodwar
  3. Four Secondary Schools managed by MCF in MCF Ndalani, MCF Yatta, Dr Charles Mulli Secondary School and MCF Vipingo
  4. Two Tertiary Education centres comprising of MCF Yatta Vocational Training Centre and Mully International College- Yatta Campus
  5. Academic Sponsorship & Scholarship for Form 4 graduates from MCF Schools pursuing higher education in various colleges and universities both in Kenya and foreign universities.