Mully Children's FamilyMCF

There is rising need to develop safety nets within the community beyond MCF residential institutions including emergency preparedness and responses to save children affected by disasters. This has been necessitated by increased levels of poverty, dictates of climate changes like drought and famine leading to hunger, effects of HIV/AIDS, abandonment and child abuse; We are therefore initiating diverse projects addressing different needs of children, women, youth, men with special focus on the vulnerable population in the community.

The priority areas include;

Employment creation to sustain livelihoods; Every day MCF welcomes an average of 500 employees and casual laborers whose livelihoods have been transformed through employment in different projects. Priority has been given to local population around the project locations with requisite training and job specifications. However, MCF is an equal opportunity employer with a national staffing outlook in all its projects.

Community water supply; Since 2010, the MCF Ndalani Community Water project has enhanced access to clean drinking water and improved health of children and members of the local community who were prone to waterborne disease and related deaths in the past. The MCF Ndalani Water Purification Plant has sustained supply of clean water to community water collection point.

Renewable Energy Production and Promotion Projects;
Three main ongoing projects include;

Community Solar Kiosks and charging stations Established; to promote solar energy uptake for off-grid households to enhance children’s studies at home with clean and harmless lighting, charging phones and powering radios for news. The project currently serves 70 households with a potential of expansion to other remote villages;

Supply or Installation of low cost energy saving cooking stoves; To reduce destruction of forests for firewood, MCF Has established the MCF Yatta Kiln Production Centre for manufacture of energy saving cook-stoves of jikos emitting less or no smoke that use almost one-third of firewood used in traditional cooking method by poor households. The centre has an annual production capacity over 10,000 complete energy saving cook-stoves.

Community environment reclamation campaigns; An ongoing initiative to mobilize families and schools to transform their homesteads and schools compounds through ‘adopt a tree concept’. The campaign through this concept is continuing to change attitudes among the population and nurture children through school environmental clubs as champions of environment development.

Emergency relief feeding project; This is an outreach initiative and response during famine that affects many households in MCF areas of operation especially in Turkana County and Yatta Sub-County in Machakos County. These locations are based in arid and semi arid regions with perennial drought conditions. Over 4000 families are targeted annually to save lives of children and vulnerable adults.