Mully Children's FamilyMCF

The MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta are the main project sites for Mully Children’s Family programmes in Kenya located in Yatta/ Sub-county of Machakos County in Eastern Kenya which is in arid and semi arid region. The region is characterized by high temperatures, low average rainfall and perennial droughts which has perennially affected the livelihoods of inhabitants. Increasing persistent drought and failed rains over the past decade have had devastating impacts on already degraded lands. These conditions and dependency on rain-fed agriculture leaves a majority of citizens in the region highly vulnerable to climate change. Poverty levels are generally high. Access to food is limited leading to high process of available food.

To mitigate the challenges associated to harsh climatic conditions, MCF has continued to promote integration of environmental reclamation and conservation initiatives to child welfare programmes as a strategy to create safety nets for vulnerable children at institutional and community level. Three key areas of focus include;

MCF environmental reclamation and tree planting campaigns; We are committed to addressing the harsh climatic conditions which threaten child survival in our project locations through reclamation of MCF projects sites and promoting community tree planting campaigns. MCF project sites in MCF Ndalani and Yatta have emerged as an oasis within a semi arid land. We have established a tree nursery in MCF Yatta producing one million seedlings annually to facilitate our tree planting campaigns.

Through partnership with local communities and organizations, MCF produces and supplies several thousands of tree seedlings to various regions in Kenya. We have received various awards including recognition from UNEP for practically championing the 2010 UNEP “ Plant for the Planet – Billion Tree Campaign” as well as visits by delegates during the 2014 UNEP General Assembly held in Nairobi.

MCF Renewable energy production, utilization and promotion Project; As part of strengthening our sustainability initiatives, we are focusing on initiating renewable energy projects both for institutional sustainability and promoting access to clean and affordable green energy sources by the poor households in neighborhood communities.The projects include biomass production, Biogas Plant development within MCF Ndalani, Solar energy access and energy saving cook-stoves production and promotion in neighborhood communities to improve living conditions for children and families.MCF seeks to scale up community renewable energy uptake campaigns with special focus on the following;

Water harvesting and conservation for irrigation as well as purification for domestic use and community supply.

MCF long-term plan is to establish an eco-village within the MCF Yatta and Ndalani sites with an integrated environmental development, climate change adaptation and renewable energy options. This initiative is mainly focused on the following strategic objectives:

  1. Increased sustainable production, utilization and management of renewable energy for institutional, domestic and processing purposes in MCF and Kenya
  2. Environmental development and watershed restoration at MCF and surrounding areas enhanced through sustainable production and planting of trees
  3. Strengthened capacity through promotion of education, learning and research on renewable energy, environmental development and climate change adaptation
  4. Enhanced water harvesting, storage, utilization and conservation of watershed at MCF and surrounding areas.