Mully Children's FamilyMCF

This programme seeks to contribute towards influencing positive changes and efficiency in the justice delivery system with an aim to promote access to Justice for Children and women. This project is a prevention strategy which focused on initiating and implementing projects that eventually reduce the vulnerability of children at community level through community mobilization and action. The project targets stakeholders including Police Officers, representatives of local community policing committees, Juvenile Remands Home, Local Administrators, women groups and community based organizations. Children rights are human rights hence the need for child protection against abuses that deny them rights to justice, education, survival and development. Gender based violence (GBV) issues have also mainstreamed in the programme to enhance protection of women facing domestic violence and neglect. The key activities under this programme shall include the following;

MCF priority focus is to establish child protection units within main police stations where it operates and scale up annual special training projects for law enforcers, community leaders and community schools representatives on emerging child protection issues. It is a major initiative that seeks to enhance the capacity of law enforcers to effectively work with local communities and children to prevent child abuse and neglect.