Mully Children's FamilyMCF

MCF is present in various locations in Kenya and Tanzania. These include;

  1. MCF Ndalani – Machakos County
  2. MCF Yatta – Machakos County
  3. MCF Vipingo – Kilifi County
  4. MCF Lodwar – Turkana County
  5. MCF Inyanzaani Community Development Projects – Machakos County
  6. MCF Kipsongo – Kitale – Trans- Nzoia
  7. MCF Tanzania – Mbagala – Dar Es Salaam

In our roadmap towards ensuring restoration of hope among the needy, vulnerable and hopeless children, MCF undertakes a wide range of programs that are aimed at fulfilling its objectives in the project locations above.

They include:

  1. Child Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration
  2. Education and Training
  3. Spiritual Development and Mentorship
  4. Child Protection and Rights education (access to justice for children)
  5. Agriculture and Sustainability
  6. Climate change mitigation and adaptation projects
  7. Green Energy
  8. Talent Development and Sports

Child Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration:

The cycle in MCF mission to transform lives of vulnerable children begins from outreach and rescue processes. MCF identifies, rescues and admits children in both community based projects and residential rehabilitation centres to access both basic and comprehensive services. Rehabilitation services are delivered through feeding, accommodation and clothing, Spiritual guidance and nourishment, health care services, among other things.


MCF prioritizes education as the best mode of rehabilitation. This enables the children to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and transform the society as a whole.
As a result, MCF runs various learning institutions namely; four primary schools, three secondary schools, a vocational training centre and a college. For the last 27 years, we have been able to produce medical doctors, teachers, media professionals, accountants, managers, ministers of the gospel, etc.

This year, MCF opened Mully College in Yatta which will offer mainly Diploma and Certificate courses to MCF beneficiaries and even members of the public. This College is anchored on the Philosophy of providing for the poor and needy but bright and qualified students who lack opportunity to advance their academic growth. It is built on the MCF successes which have been proven for the last 27 years of its existence in child rescue, rehabilitation, re-integration and prevention. It is also the amplification of MCF Mission of following the footstep of Jesus Christ in reaching out to and serving the less fortunate Children.

The institution is premised on Dr. Charles Mulli’s philosophy of: “We serve the living God by serving the needy in the society. Nobody should be chased away or turned away, but instead to be served with love, assured hope and made to feel relieved.”

Plans are also underway to establish a university in Yatta. This is aimed at providing our beneficiaries with important knowledge, training and skills in life.

Spiritual Development and Mentorship

As the Bible says; “The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom” and “Seek ye first and the rest shall be added unto you.” Essentially, we endeavour to train our children to put god first. We tell them that God is the creator of this world and he has a purpose for every one of us on earth. We teach them to know God and worship Him. We do this because most of them come to us with little or no knowledge at all about God.

Owing to the problems that most of them go through, they tend to have misgivings about the existence of God but we insist on showing them that God is real and He cares for them. We guide them to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. We also teach our children important virtues such as love, honesty, humility, righteousness, perseverance, hard work, among other things. Most importantly, we endeavor to show them love.

The MCF children, through our guidance, have accepted to take life as it comes and are only focused on creating a better future for themselves. This is a result of constantly encouraging them to forget the past and walk with Jesus Christ into the future.

This intervention is steered by a team of dedicated resident pastors. The program involves daily devotional sessions where inspirational biblical messages are read; through interactive bible studies; and by participation in choir and music.

Child Protection and Rights education:

We believe that children rights are human rights hence the need for child protection against abuses that deny them rights to justice, education, survival and development.
As a result, MCF is strongly involved in influencing positive changes in efficiency in the justice delivery system under the child Protection and Rights Education program. This is a prevention strategy which focuses on initiating and implementing projects that eventually reduce the vulnerability of children at community level through community mobilization and action.

In many cases, children’s access to justice has been hampered by lack of proper handling of their cases. Thus, in this program, our emphasis has been on influencing positive changes in efficiency in the justice delivery system. Specific activities include; child rights education targeting the children and duty bearers including the police force, local leaders in private and public service and members of the public.

Agriculture and Sustainability

In order to sustain its operations, MCF engages in a number of income generating activities for sustainability. The principles of social entrepreneurship have been integrated in MCF programs through initiating business ventures for profit to support the most vulnerable children and families in society. Some of the projects include; General Agriculture, Horticulture and Dairy Farming.

Agriculture forms the main base for MCF sustainability initiatives and is currently being practiced in MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta farms. This is mainly done through production of high quality French beans, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, egg-plants, eggs, fish, broilers, meat among other products has been sustained for domestic consumption as well as sale for income generation in local market and international market. This is done through irrigation in green houses as well as open farms. Owing to our best practices in Agriculture, our farm received EuroGap Certification which allows us to export our produce to international markets, mainly in Europe.

We also have a Dairy Farming Unit in Ndalani which plays a double role of income generation and provision of nutritional needs of MCF children through constant supply of milk. This has promoted quality supplementary feeding among babies and children rescued with their child-mothers within MCF centres in Ndalani and Yatta.

Furthermore, the Dairy project has also enhanced the organic manure and biogas production. Through this, MCF has promoted the development of renewable energy through the construction of one a biogas digester for production of biogas for cooking purposes.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

MCF has continued to promote environmental conservation initiatives in its centres and the surrounding community. MCF is a practical example that a person can manage his environment despite the harsh climatic conditions making MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta centres an oasis within an arid region.

Through a systematic environmental management program, MCF has facilitated the planting of over 5 million trees within its centres and in Machakos, Kitui, Kilifi and the neighbouring counties. This has been achieved through great investment in a modern tree nursery with the ability to produce one million seedlings per annum and continuous tree planting program.

Through “Adopt a tree program” MCF has extended the tree planting projects to local schools to nurture positive actions in children and students towards transforming their environment besides distributing and supplying thousands of seedlings to neighboring villages and counties.

Production, Utilization and Promotion Renewable Green Energy:

The Mully Children’s Family (MCF) is developing an eco-village to diversify its environmental development programs by embracing the green technology concept and promoting the use of renewable energy. The project areas of focus include:

The overall goal is to benefit the surrounding community through access to clean energy; and transform MCF into a model institution on renewable energy and promoting adaptation to climate change.

Talent Development and Sports:

MCF uses sports as a critical component in the integration of rescued children and for talent development. Many children have rediscovered their potentials through MCF through a range of sporting activities provided including ballgames, athletics, martial arts (Karate/), drama & theatre arts, acrobats, dances, Music/singing. Several children clubs relevant clubs have been established in MCF to sustain sporting activities.

Karate club is one such initiative that has borne tremendous fruits. MCF karate club has been the East and Central Africa champions besides maintaining the number One position in Kenya National Karate (cadets) championships for over a decade.

The children are encouraged and supported to take part in music, dancing, acrobatics, athletics, football, among other activities. Through sports, arts, music and other talents, the MCF has been able to create confidence among the destitute children under rehabilitation.

Besides promotion of physical health and talent development, this is also a therapy for children who have come from difficult and abusive backgrounds. However, most importantly, we encourage our children to take part in sports as a way of livelihood.