Mully Children's FamilyMCF

  1. To provide an alternative home for secure residence and stabilizing family love alongside spiritual nourishment, counseling, guidance and Christian teaching.
  2. To establish and maintain a comprehensive feeding and medical care programs to provide the children with the physiological needs as a prerequisite to their rehabilitation.
  3. To provide basic and advanced literacy skills in conformity with the Ministry of Education’s 8-4-4 system of education or any other approved system by the Ministry.
  4. To offer vocational skills training in various trades to complement formal education and to equip the beneficiaries with lucrative skills for resource exploitation and future self reliance.
  5. To rehabilitate the children morally through character behavior transformation with the view of reuniting them with their respective families and those who have no parents to enable them articulate themselves comfortably within the society and the economy.
  6. To integrate and mainstream environmental conservation and HIV/AIDS programmes into all the internal and external activities of the Mully Children’s Family.
  7. To create a humble and acceptable culture among the rescued children through guidance and counseling, promotion of sporting activities for effective socialization to the general public as well as sustenance of Christian outreach programs through gospel music, poetry, drama and testimonies.
  8. To promote community education and empowerment in community health, subsistence agriculture and income generation to provide safety nets for children and improve best practices in child protection.