Mully Children's FamilyMCF

The Mully Children’s Family (MCF) is a non-profit making, charitable organization that caters for children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected. Our work is to restore hope where there is hopelessness, restore shattered dreams, heal hurting souls and bring smiles on sad faces.

Some of the achievements include:

  1. Successfully rehabilitating over 12,000 beneficiaries and re-integrating them back to society as hopeful and independent citizens. Most of the children who were once hopeless have since been rehabilitated to the society and are happily involved in contributing to the Kenyan economy.
  2. Provision of food, shelter, clothing, education and – most importantly – the fatherly and motherly love to the poor children. That is why this place is called Mully Children’s family; a place where people live together with love, peace and hope.
  3. Providing education at all levels to its beneficiaries. This ranges from primary, secondary, tertiary and university. MCF runs three primary schools (Ndalani, Vipingo, and Lodwar) two secondary schools (Ndalani and Vipingo) and a College in Yatta. An average 100 students are sponsored to both local and international universities and colleges annually. Beneficiaries who have graduated through universities are currently working in almost all sectors in Kenya including media, education, banking, manufacturing, Information Technology, children charities, private businesses etc. Since inception, most of the MCF beneficiaries – some of whom were rescued from the streets when they were barely two years old – have completed university and are serving in various capacities such as medical doctors, engineers, teachers, ministers of the gospel, agricultural officers, media practitioners, lawyers, etc.
  4. MCF has been able to rescue child mothers, most of whom have been abused and neglected, and offer them vocational courses in tailoring and dress making, hair dressing and saloon, and building and construction among others. Most of these once miserable girls have completed these vocational courses are operating successfully as self-employed entrepreneurs in their home towns in various parts of Kenya. A good percentage of them have families and are happily involved in contributing to the Kenyan economy.
  5. Undertaking a wide range of sustainability programs, especially modern agriculture, that is aimed at ensuring that the centre does not totally rely on donor support. Owing to these good practices in agriculture, MCF has been given a GlobalGap certification that enables it to export French beans, tomatoes and other horticultural products to European markets. Though located in a semi-arid region, the organization has engaged in sustainable agricultural activities and is able to produce sufficient food to feed hundreds of its children and for export
  6. Changing the life of thousands of children through social programs such as Counseling and Mentorship, Spiritual Nourishment, among other things.
  7. Championing for the establishment of a child/gender unit at Matuu police station aimed at protecting and preserving the rights of children
  8. Reaching out to the local community to provide assistance in terms of education, medicare, food and water. MCF runs a hospital that offers free treatment to the local residents in Ndalani and Yatta. MCF also educates community members on issues such Human rights, Spirituality, Environmental Development, use of Green Energy, Climate Change and Mitigation projects, among other aspects. Under education, MCF has established a community school (Dr. Charles Mully Secondary School, Inyaanzani) mainly to carter for the poor children from the surrounding homes.
  9. As the Bible says, the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom. MCF has successfully ensured that its beneficiaries and the surrounding community understand and embrace the word of God. The centre provides spiritual nourishment to all the MCF beneficiaries – from children in Kindergarten to adults in vocational training. This intervention has been successfully steered by a team of dedicated resident pastors. The program involves daily devotion sessions where inspirational biblical messages are read; through interactive bible studies; and by participation in the choir and music. MCF has one of the best evangelical choirs in the region.
  10. MCF is a practical example that man can manage his environment despite the harsh climatic conditions. Though located in a place with little rainfall across the year, MCF has been turned into a cool green environment full of trees. This has been achieved through great investment in tree planting. The centre has also distributed hundreds of seedlings to its neighbors in the aim of making the environment of the area good to live in.